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How I Got 2,000,000 Views on Google Maps

October 24th, 2020

I wrote about how Google Maps was becoming the next big content platform earlier this year - and I went into detail too. Since then, I've surpassed 2 million views on all my reviews, photos, and other platform contributions.

Google Maps Stats

And here's the simple reality of it all. It's not based on quality; it's based on quantity. All I do is post photos taken on my phone and write a few sentences with my opinion on what I'm reviewing.

This platform could be so much more if Google prioritized the quality and rewarded the millions of contributors like it does with YouTube.

YouTube brings in $15.5 billion a year and has a system that pays content creators. Maps’ ad revenue, built off of the backs of these contributors, isn’t insignificant either. One analyst with a lower estimate of what Google Maps makes in a year predicted $3.5 billion was from ads. Posting a lot means crazy visibility, but with no opportunity to promote anything, link out, or cultivate a revenue stream - the views aren't that helpful.

I'm watching this space; you should keep an eye on it too.

Google Maps could be a new content platform in the making.

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