Sah's Landing Page

😎 Here's My Deal

I'm an analyst, coder, writer, and creator.

But it's hard to put yourself in several boxes, right? So I'd rather tell you what I've done, and what I'm into lately.

✔️ Things I've done

  • I've got two bachelors degrees, one in IT and one in Commerce.
  • I've worked in IT for a couple of years building business/data systems you can see what I'm talking about on LinkedIn
  • In 2019 I decided to go off on a year long travel adventure. It was the best decision I ever made. I've written 30ish articles about it on my travel blog.
  • While working and traveling, I got addicted to writing. It was a creative outlet and I felt in my element. I've been focusing a lot on that during 2020. Most of my work there is on Medium.

✍ Things I'm into lately

I'm hitting the gym every day, writing a lot, learning how to play the uke, and supercharging my coding game. Everything else is an experiment that I'm writing about on my blog right here on this site.

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